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23 August
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This is probably one of my favorite photos of myself. It shows just a bit of my morbid sense of humor, as well lots of other good stuff!
Strengths: I laugh all the time. And I am told that I am very funny.. Not to mention a pretty good friend! My children are my heart, and I try to make sure they know it each and every day!
Weaknesses: I am a sucker for an accent. I tend to be fairly submissive, though I am learning the strength therein. I also can't walk past a piece of cheesecake without hearing it call my name....
Special Skills: I Boo. And can also play a normal drinking straw like an instrument.. Ask me sometime, and I will show you.
Weapons: Sarcastic wit. Irish, strong, and enough frustration to enable me to deal with anything or anyone!
Favorite Quote: History will be kind to me, for I intend to help write it. Winston Churchill

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